If you do a search with the words “smoothie book” on Amazon.com, you will come up with 10,870 results…give or take the latest book to come out this week!

With so many options, why are people SO confused about how to make them correctly?

It sure seems simple enough. A little ice, a little fruit, maybe some healthy looking green stuff, and a bit of protein- right?

Not exactly…
My name is Mike Roussell and I’m here to take the guesswork out of your next smoothie. First – let’s blow away some of the myths and misunderstandings about smoothies… 
Myth Number 1:
Calling something a ‘smoothie’ by putting protein in the blender makes it healthy…
Not all smoothies are the same – not by a long shot! In fact, unless you choose carefully, you could be whipping up a blender full of unhealthy options and completely sabotaging 
your diet.
Myth Number 2:
Putting fruits and veggies into your smoothie makes it good for you….
Not all fruits and veggies are alike. Your purpose for drinking smoothies in the first place will determine what fruits and veggies you should – or more importantly – should never use. Do you know what category your favorite fruit falls into?
Myth Number 3:
Protein is protein.  
Did you know that the type of protein determines how thick or watery your smoothie will be and how quickly you will digest it? All PROTEIN is not the same! This may be one of the biggest fallacies out there, and not knowing the difference can destroy your progress and undermine your health goals.
Myth Number 4:
The shakes you get at the gym after your workout are the way to go!
Far from it! Many of those ‘sugar shakes’ completely destroy the hard work you JUST put into your workout! Only by making the SHAKES yourself can you guarantee what the ingredients are, and whether they are helping you or hurting you as you work toward your goal!
It's almost like you need a PhD to navigate through all of the information out there…  But wait, you don’t have to…

I already have my PhD in Nutrition - and I have made it my mission to cut through the faulty claims and, in some cases, outright lies that you will read about the complex topic of nutrition.

Finding the proper combination foods to make a smoothie that supports your fat loss goals is essential, and it isn’t something that I just stumbled upon overnight. A truly healthy smoothie is vital and only happens after years of research. I understand that you could be drinking smoothies for any number of reasons. 

After all, smoothies are one of the most versatile nutritional options available. You could be looking to lose weight gain muscle mass, lean out a bit, or simply maintain your bodyweight and keep up a clean diet. The problem is, there are as many different combinations and opinions about exactly HOW to make them, as there are books on the subject!

Nutritionally optimized smoothies are only one part – but a very important part – of the whole nutrition solution. 

So, what makes this book different from all of the other books out there?

Science and Flavor.

The genesis for me to create this book was to create a resource for you that married optimized nutritional science with delicious flavors (so that you could give your body the right nutrients, at the right times) - because I like to eat and drink things that are delicious and enjoyable - don’t you?
Ask my wife! We tried just about everything. 
In fact, we found many ingredients which should simply 
NEVER be combined together!

By doing all of the research for you, I have saved you time and money - preventing you from having to spend hours of costly experimenting trying to find the optimal smoothie formula. Since completing my Doctoral work at Penn State University, I have developed a reputation of taking complex topics and breaking them down so that they make sense.

Check this out…
Here's What to Expect in 
"Dr. Mikes Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes"
  • What do you need to do OUTSIDE of the kitchen, to get the most out the smoothie lifestyle?
    Find out on page 100…
  • How do you whip up smoothies like the pros? Check out page 25…
  • Just need a snack and not a full meal? Look at my “modular” system starting on page 51…
  • Need to put on some muscle mass? Try my “Hardgainer Breakfast Bomb” on page 42…
  • Doing the vegetarian thing? Check out my solution on page 47…
In total, I have brought together over 65 of the best tasting and nutritionally sound smoothies you could ever want 
- no matter what your goals may be.

This book is truly the only Smoothie Recipe Book you will ever need!

I give you the inside track on what you need to know about the best carb, and fat sources to use in your smoothies. 

I prove that you don’t have to scrunch up your nose to get the healthy smoothies you like…they can actually taste great AND help you achieve your goals.

Knowing when to go small or when to go large is key to weight loss, mass gain or maintenance. My unique “modular smoothie” approach gives you control over the exact number of calories you take in.

These are not your average 
commercial gym smoothies….
My nutritional guidance has been seen in numerous magazines, and because I base my work on the time-tested combination of science and practical experience from my work with clients - not hearsay, fads or fiction - my recommendations stand up to any test!

Men’s Health magazine even asked me to come to their headquarters just outside of Allentown, PA to shoot several videos to teach their readers how to make amazing smoothies. 

As a result, I sit on the Advisory Boards for both Men’s Health and Shape magazines. I have written over 300 articles for print and online publications like: Women’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, USA Today, Yahoo Shine, Health Magazine, CBSSports.com and many others.
I love writing, but more importantly I love cutting through the nutritional ‘red tape’.  The information swirling around out there about nutrition is confusing, or at worst, outright lies, which paralyzes many of us from taking the right action!

As the Director of Nutrition at one of the most well-known, elite gyms in the US, my clients demand results. I came up with a solution for them, and now I am sharing it with you.
“Dr. Mike’s Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes is the summary of years of work.

It was important to me – as a nutritional expert and thought leader – to produce THE definitive book on the topic of smoothies.

I wrote this to make sure that you have the most recent information at your fingertips, 
so you can make the best choices to help reach your goals…no matter what they may be.” 

- Dr. Mike Roussell
Inside, you will find a complete breakdown of every smoothie. I provide you with the caloric breakdown, fat, carbohydrate, protein and fiber content. In addition, I provide some additional notes and tidbits of information so that you can make the most delicious smoothies you could ever imagine!

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GUARANTEE – If you aren’t ecstatic about these smoothies, I will give you your money back. It’s that simple. I am convinced that you will love these recipes. In fact, you can keep this book for 60 days – enough time to try nearly every single one of these smoothies – and if you still aren’t happy, I will happily refund your purchase price. You have nothing lose – except the guesswork!

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